Another way to monetize your app
Platform allowing companies to get access to millions of respondents worldwide and get answers within hours. It integrates seamlessly with mobile applications and allows its users to access paid inner app content in exchange of taking your surveys.
How it works


For publishers

Increase your revenue

Think about Poll To Pay like an ad service but with surveys. Survey clicks pay off 20x more than adclicks.

Happy users

Your users can easily skip surveys if they don’t want to answer. Best thing though is that they can win a prize directly from your app.

In-house surveys

Free tool to create and conduct surveys for your users. The best way to gather insights in real time from users as they use your app.

For researchers

All in one
Forget about link shares or buying email to get responses. Just create your survey and start getting results. Holistic tool for analytics and monetization of audience.

You want access to people based on their location, provider, gender? PtP provides an advanced targeting system to survey only the audience that matches your criteria.

Unique audience
PtP provides access to an audience that does not get polls with standard methods of attraction. Investors, entrepreneurs, industry professionals, and many others.
Why us?
I definatlely will use it in my next game I am working on right now

Igor Berestevoy,
Game Developer

I use Polltopay like an analytical instrument in my app. Which I sell to my customers.

Igor Savitsky,

We are testing it right now and it really has helped us to increase conversions

Artem Welker,

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